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Kurt Cobain's Artwork

When I found out that artwork by Kurt Cobain exists, I was thrilled.
I recently watched Kurt & Courtney (a documentary about Kurt, his life and his "suicide" and what Courtney Love Cobain maybe had or maybe had not to do with it) in which about three of his paintings were shown. I was thrilled, 'cause they are really good in my eyes. Seeing them was one of those moments when I thought: Murder or suicide, it doesn't matter, 'cause as long as the place he's at right now is not a place where he can sing, paint, think, exist and tell the world his fucking good thoughtsit's a waste and a loss of a great person!

I'm gonna show you eight paintings/drawings Kurt Cobain did. I chose the ones I like best. I ordered them, the first one I like "worst", the last one I like best. They are numbered anyway, so... yeah. Hope you enjoy.
Background music: Nirvana: Very Ape ;) 

Pictures and informations below each picture: http://www.livenirvana.com/art/

#8 Airbrush illustration of a guitarist playing in the middle of an abstract landscape, circa 1982-84. This piece was painted as a practice sketch before completing a final school assignment. 

I think I chose this one, because it's quite light- and colourful. I guess that made me think something like "obviously he was physically okay..." or so... Don't know, I'm just always kind of relieved when finding out something about Kurt Cobain that seems to prove he wasn't suicidal. I guess I just hope he wasn't. 

#7 Coloured pencil on paper. Drawing of a harbor. This home-made birthday card was given to Kurt's grandmother, Iris Cobain, in 1980. Inside the card, Cobain has written, "Happy Birthday Grandmother Love Kurt" in ornate lettering. 

I can't really tell why I chose this one, I don't even like it that much. But I like the flying bird, think it's almost the only thing in the drawing that is positive. Maybe it's just my "I'm-stuck-in-this-boring-village-my-life-will-begin-as-soon-as-I-get-the-possibility-to-go-to-where-ever-hopefully-the-UK-but-whatever-the-main-thing-is-SOMEWHERE-ELSE"-attitude, but to me the positive things in that drawing are the flying bird and the boat, I feel uncomfortable looking at the other things. I also like the red colour. The colour makes it interesting. 

#6 Ink on paper. Sketch of a Cyclops monster, published in "Journals". 

I'm fascinated by cyclops. And I like the stuff that's around it on that drawing, whatever the little squiggles are intended to represent.

#5 Painting made on the back of a board game of an alien-like figure, crouched over and weeping?, with faces of a woman and a mustached man in the background. This painting is estimated to have been made between 1987-89.

I like the womans face. She seems to look at the red colour. No, she watches the cream-coloured thing up there, whatever that is supposed to be. I love the way the green and red colour was applied. The red colour, on the one hand, seems to grow from the ground like a bush or something, on the other hand it also comes down from the top. 

#4 Ink on paper. Draft of the Heart-Shaped Box video.

This one is more a project than just a drawing. I don't know if Kurt Cobain planned the whole video on his own or if more people did work on it, but at least he did these drafts so I guess many of the ideas for the video were his. What I like best about the video are the fetuses hanging down from the trees. 
The music video of Heart-Shaped Box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6P0SitRwy8

#3 Ink on paper. Comic strip titled "Mr Moustache", published in "Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana" and "Journals".

Remembered this one from the Journals of Kurt Cobain. I began to read them once, but didn't finish them. I need to do that one day. But I remembered that drawing and that I was totally thrilled when seeing it for the first time. Well, I still am. This is why I totally understand Kurt Cobain when talking about feeling guilty for being a white american male. Not that he was. Guilty, I mean. 
The last picture, the KICK one, is pure satisfaction for me as a beholder. In your face, bitch!

#2 Painting of an alien-like figure, believed to be a self portrait, previously shown on Nick Broomfield's "Kurt & Courtney" documentary. 

When I saw this painting in the documentary for the first time I was really impressed. In my opinion, this is very good. I think in "Kurt & Courtney" they definitely called it a self portrait, but I'm not sure. If it is, it's kind of creepy. I mean, his ex-girlfriend said in Kurt & Courtney that he felt like he was too small and too skinny, but he wasn't like that. Maybe he felt like that skeleton-like thing. Maybe you just feel like that when you're like him (he was totally okay in my eyes) and have to grow up in Aberdeen. 
Or he just felt incomplete or imperfect or whatever in any other way. How should I know. 

#1 Painting of a fetus surrounded by white, thorn-like capillaries. This item was previously shown on Nick Broomfield's "Kurt & Courtney" documentary and is estimated to have been made between 1987-1989.

Well, this one... I just love it. I don't know if the orange-red parts are supposed to be fire but they look like they were. And one of the thorn-things looks like it's stuck in the fetus' head. 
I think the best thing about that painting are the little white spots, which are mainly on the left part of the painting. They make it look deeper. 

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  1. Kurt Cobain was a great person, a genius, a true genius, so creative, sensitive, kind guy with strong views on life. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, BOY.