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Kurt Cobain's Death - Murder?

I recently got a few followers on my facebook page, which made me very happy. Most of those - hello, btw, it's nice to have you here :) - are HUGE Nirvana fans, so today's post is about Kurt Cobain.

The murder theories - I can't remember how or why I got interested in that topic, I just always felt sorry for Kurt Cobain, from the moment on I read that he had killed himself. Now I no longer believe in this statement. I have become very skeptical when watching the news or reading the newspaper, why should I believe what I'm told? The government makes the press tell people what is best for the government. And, of course, it's not good to tell people a huge Rock-Idol was killed. Because they would be upset. They would ask for answers. The police would probably be overwhelmed, if they had to find a murderer while the world is watching them.
And there's always the money. Politicians get payed for doing this, journalists get payed for saying that and so on. It sucks.

I'm not an anarchist, never really dealt with this topic (anarchy). But I think we should not believe everything we are told. We are just the people. We are the small ones. We are the ones that are being used and exploited by companies, politicians, the press. As far as possible, we are kept on a short leash.

Now, in the case of Kurt Cobain's death - what should the "big ones" do?
They have a corpse, they have a huge crowd of people, which will be beside themselves when being told about that corpse. They have a famous singer/widow, who's inevitable involved in the whole thing and who could also be involved in the superstar's death. They have a shotgun, heroin and a suicide note (which actually isn't a suicide note). But they don't have an autopsy report, they haven't questioned all the suspects, witnesses and family members yet.
A decision needs to be made, the journalists are waiting.

I think the police could not cope with the pressure, they told the public it had been suicide on the very same day they found the corpse!
I also think that they made mistakes and that they didn't always use their brains.
And they certainly didn't want to be portrayed as incompetent, so after telling the public it had been suicide they never really tried to find out what exactly had happenend in the greenhouse. Even though there were many people who had submitted more or less credible evidence that argued against a suicide.
One of the consequences were the so-called "copy-cat" suicides: Children and teenagers - Nirvana fans - killed themselves, too. Officially it's 68 cases, actually there were probably hundreds of young people, who killed themselves after their idol had done it. But only 68 left a suicide note, which is the reason why only these cases are officially documented as Kurt Cobain - "copy-cat" suicides. For me this case was very shocking:
In January 1995 an eleven year old boy was found hanged in his home's basement in Ile d'Orleans, Quebec. His suicide note says, "I kill myself for Kurt". In her obituary his mother asked other children not to listen to Nirvana's "negative music". 
I mean - fuck! He was eleven!

Tom Grant (private investigator and former detective who worked on the case from the very beginning on) made a website dealing with Kurt Cobain's death and the murder theory. I knew the facts below from the book Love & Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain, but you can find them on Tom Grant's website.
These are some of the facts that made me think about the whole thing and let me believe in murder:

Kurt Cobain wanted to leave his wife and she knew it. Weeks before he died, Courney Love asked one of her lawyers to get the "meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer" she could find.

Someone tried to use Kurt Cobain's credit card, when he was already dead. When his body was found, the attempts to use the credit card stopped.

The shotgun that killed Kurt Cobain was bought before he went to rehab, not after he fled *. It was purchased and fully loaded for protection, because for some reason Kurt Cobain was in fear of his life. Why should he fully load it with three shells, if he wanted to kill himself, what for he would only need one bullet?
The police says there were no legible fingerprints on the shotgun.

The "suicide note" was not adressed to his wife and daughter and says nothing about killing himself. It was written to his fans telling them he was quitting the music business. The footnote to Courtney Love and his daughter was probably added by someone else.

Courtney Love had a second note. She didn't tell anyone about it until months later when information about it slipped out during an interview for a magazine.
The second note was about leaving his wife and leaving Seattle, but not about killing himself. It clearly defines the note found at the scene.

Kurt Cobain had three times a lethal dose of heroin in his blood.
- When injecting such an amount, you are almost immediately incapacitated. It is very (very, very) unlikely that he even managed to put away the injection paraphernalia. He could not have picked up the shotgun and he could not have pulled the trigger.
- Why should Kurt Cobain even shoot himself? The amount of heroin would've killed him anyway. He had a lot of experience with heroin and would have known that.

Kurt Cobain built no barricading *.

Kurt Cobain did not leave his Driver's License *. A policeman found his closed wallet, took and opened it and placed it on the floor.

There is no forensic evidence that proves Kurt Cobain's death was a suicide. There is evidence for murder.

Tom Grant says he's got more information, more evidence that proves it was murder, but he does not want to publish it.
When reading the book and seeing him in the documentary Kurt & Courtney he seemed to be very neutral and really trying to save the case, which is another reason that makes me believe in the murder theory.

*as reported by misinformed media sources.

In addition to the points listed above, I think it's unlikely that Kurt Cobain wanted to kill himself at this point of his life. He had a nineteen month old daughter. Kurt Cobain about being a father:

"There's nothing better than having a baby. [...] I can't tell you how much my attitude has changed since we've got Frances. Holding my baby is the best drug in the world."

Of course, he wouldn't be the first father who commits suicide. But I think it would've been a strange time for a suicide. There were many parts of his life he had less to loose, many parts in which he would have left back less. In my opinion having a baby was one of the best things that could happen to Kurt Cobain, to his psyche.

I still got a few pages of Love and Death by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace left, I haven't read. I watched Kurt & Courtney, I also watched Last Days. But that's all I did, so I'm not an expert on that topic. But what I know makes me believe that it would be stupid to just believe what you're told and accept a suicide. That may be easier than thinking about Kurt Cobain's death over and over again, in the end only being able to say: I do not know. I actually can't tell what really happenend. 
But I'm still doing better that way than believing in a suicide.

I'm really curious about the documentary Soaked In Bleach, which will come out this year. Watch the trailer here:

I'm also curious about what you think about Kurt Cobain's "suicide", so -
leave a comment & tell me!
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If you are interested in this topic:

Tom Grant'swebsite on this topic:

Book: Love and Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain

Movie: Kurt & Courtney

Movie: Last Days

If you search for it on the internet, you will find websites in any language, television documentaries and books dealing with this topic.

"Oh well, whatever, nevermind."
Rest in peace, Kurt.


  1. oh wow another person to learn what tons of other ppl already believe. youre not the only one who believes its a murder lol you made a whole blog for this? you act like this is news.
    yeh we all agree, the cops did a crappy job and a few knew courtney and they were sloppy and prideful and wanted to get it over with quickly and even tho they know they sucked at an investigation they wudnt want to feel stupid and reveal what they did wrong. most of the cops r dead that were on the scene now.
    itll prob never be reopened. God will judge courtney accordingly el duches testimony/polygraph/& mysterious death after mentioning allen wrench (evil man who dresses up as satan with horns on stage) may have had something to do with it. also, i believe dylan knows more than hes lead to show off the movie K&C and cali dewitt left washington so quick after kurts death allegedly for "rehab" and courtney gave him tens of thousands of dollars "for it" which is prob a pay off.
    so yeh we all kno theres more evidence showing it as a murder not a suicide and even if kurt cud pick up the gun, he wudnt blow his brains out high, ive NEVER heard nor seen anyone talk about or want to kill themselves after shooting dope... it feels sooo good you are NOT depressed and if u r suicidal it will go away as soon as u r high... it makes u want to live.
    honestly, i think he might have gotten a little high, then someone pretended to be his friend came up and shot up with him and gave him a lethal dose, then grabbed his gun wen kurt was nodding off/ODing then shot him then cleaned up the scene/wiped gun and left.
    also, kurt might not even have shot up any dope. someone might have put that in his body afterwards, we dont know. and he might have missed and shot IM instead of IV we dont know for sure, except yeh there were injection sites on the police report on his body i believe but still, we dont know who injected kurt, if he did it himself, how many times, and if he planned to take the lethal dose. honestly after using for 5-7 yrs that kurt used, i really dont he personally injected that much into himself. and if he did, it was a 2nd or 3rd shot from the needle.
    and the gun wasnt cuz he was scared that someone was out to get him. he got it for prowlers comin on his property it was just a scare tactic cuz he liked his privacy.
    we dont know if he was purposely was up there with the gun or if someone coaxed him up there but evidence is real strong that he was murdered yes.
    anyone, just go to and u will change your mind most likely, unless your name is courtney love or ignorant ppl that STILL think he killed himself. honestly, krist was really into himself, he still thinks kurt killed himself and i believe dave thinks that also. as friends, they really didnt know him as well as they thought they did IMO. krist says "theres no way kurt could have lived under the bridge it was in such bad conditions" .... ok maybe so but kurt never sed he :"lived there" as if he setup house... he meant that he stayed under the bridge maybe for a night or slept for a few hours every so often thats it.
    kurt was misunderstood, and michael azerrad said the same thing, hes the one that did the interview tapes and can be heard on About A Son docu/audio/whatever it is genre movie.
    - s

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    2. Really, I'm not the only one? Hm, I was totally convinced 'bout that.
      My blog's not about Kurt Cobain's death, I blog about whatever comes to my mind.
      And yes, I know, it's not news that he probably was murdered. For sure I'm much younger than you are and to be honest I know and listen to Nirvana for only about a year now. When I was born, Kurt Cobain was already dead. I have no idea, why this topic (his death) keeps staying in my head. I'm just kind of upset about it, 'cause so many young people followed him. The thing is, they might not have done that if they weren't told he killed himself.
      You really seem to know much about the whole thing. Krist and Dave, well... also to me it seemed they really believed in a suicide, which confuses me. I mean, they were his friends and they could see everything from a different, probably better perspective. If your friend dies, don't you search for another explanation than suicide?

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