Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Grunge Story

By Nirvana I became a fan of grunge. Grunge music, grunge style (insofar grunge can be a style), grunge's attitude to life and so on. It changed me, but actually it was like... finally finding out who I am. Sounds mawkish, but it was just like that. 

After I had listened to Nirvana for about a year, I began to find out more about this kind of music - grunge. I already was a huge Nirvana- and Kurt Cobain fan. 
I loved to wear the rocking look. Shirts that didn't fit me 'cause they were actually too big, my dad's old leather jacket (which also doesn't fit me, but I feel comfortable when wearing it), torn tights, boots...
The city I live near is full of boring old ladies and bourgeois young people who look at girls like me like - well, many seem to be kind of horrified. Seriously, one day three old ladies were upset about my torn tights and they didn't try to hide their dismay. Actually it was fun because in some way it bothered them... 

Although I never changed my appearance because of others, I was totally thrilled when I found out, that my style was actually a style itself called grunge. Of course I had seen how Kurt Cobain or any "Grunger" used to appear to concerts or press conferences or whatever - it meant a shit how you looked (which in my opinion is a pretty cool setting). 
Finding out about the official grunge style was really cool, 'cause till then I was pretty alone with my look. My friends do not listen to Nirvana or whatever (love that word) and are totally not wearing things like boyfriend-jeans or biker boots. 

Actually grunge style is a contradiction to grunge, 'cause it's not about how you look, but about things that matter. In my eyes: feelings, injustices and indifference, that means grunge for me, especially the music. But celebrities are always role models. And I'm happy that there were and are role models for the grunge style. 

I like the simple grunge style better: Comfortable Jeans, T-Shirts of my favorite bands, a few check shirts, tights with crazy patterns, torn tights and boots or chucks is what I love most. And my leather jacket (I'm not going to buy leather any more, but when I bought my jacket I wasn't yet into that whole animal-protection-thing). 

(The shirt says "Nirvana" :)
On days when I thought in the morning, "Fuck it, I wanna chill out today", I might look like that. But with my backpack. 
It's this one: 

I bought it from Urban Outfitters' in Amsterdam, when I was there in April 2014. Since then I hardly go anywhere without it. It's just much more comfortable than a bag or something. 

To conclude with some music: 

I guess this song is really, really old, but yesterday I found out that I love it. You can bawl along so beautiful... 
Sex Pistols: Anarchy in the UK, check it out: 

*Bawling*... :D