Thursday, 4 September 2014

DIY Denimjacket

I always liked jackets with patches on them, but the ones I saw in shops were never hundred percent what I wanted. The patches were mostly about things I don't like or even know, so I decided to make my own jacket. 

I got a denimjacket from Tally Weijl, it was really cheap 'cause it had the "Last Days"- label on it. I payed 12 to 13 Euros for it. 

The patches I ordered from amazon, altogether and with transportation costs they costed about 60 Euros. 
Except the Soundgarden patch they were all to iron, but I also sewn them, because they didn't seem to be properly fixed after ironing. 

So, this is what my jacket looks like now: 

What the patches should say about me: 

BAND PATCHES: Nirvana, Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers: I simply love to listen to them. 
Sex Pistols: Actually I was looking for the UK-flag, but then found the Sex Pistols' Logo, which looks really cool in my opinion. To be honest I do not know much about the Sex Pistols, but I once watched an interview with silverchair and Daniel Johns was wearing a Sex Pistols-shirt, so I thought they can't be too bad. At least I love this song: Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The UK

SAVE THE EARTH PATCH: Well, I think when people see this one, it might make them think for a short moment about the environment. For sure that wouldn't be a bad thing. 

RAINBOW PATCH: I'm against homophobia. (

PEACE PATCH: I'm against war (big surprise). 

THE REMAINING PATCHES: I love strawberries, wolves are cool animals which stand for strength and willpower (thinking about getting a wolf tattoo), spiderman is the only superhero I ever liked. I think he's really cool. 

There are no patches on the back of my jacket, I'm thinking about making something like this: 

Or maybe just write the lyrics of a good song or a good quote on it. Don't know yet. 
I'm also thinking about writing things onto all the left space... Like songs, quotes, sayings or just individual terms or names. 

Hope I could inspire you guys! 

Beautiful, sad song by Candlebox: 

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