Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Grunge and the Actual Grunge

Since I have my Grunge & Torment facebook page and hang around other grunge pages I determined that for many people (apparently young girls..?) grunge is rather a style/attitude to life than a musical style.
And then there are those who are really tender in the matter of their favorite musical genre and leave enlightening comments underneath photos of seemingly anorexic girls with smudgy make-up and creepers, that that wouldn't be grunge, but a desperate girl in clothes she might think are "grunge-style" and that blurred mascara is the identification for a grunge girl. 

Honestly: I like both of them, the desperate teenagers and the good old grungers, who really are experts on the musical level. I'm afraid I'm more the desperate girl than the expert, whereby I'd prefer the latter. 

I mentioned it in My Grunge Story: When I think of grunge I think of feelings, injustice and indifference, so... No, in my opinion grunge has got nothing to do with fashion, that would be kind of it's contrary, because clothes are superficial, it's indifferent what you're wearing when singing about social injustice or whatever. Apropos, that's kind of grunge's definition: whatever. Right? So you don't care about your clothes. 

Anyway, some kind of grunge-style did develop: I'm thinking of chucks, torn jeans and flannel shirts. If you look at what Nirvana were wearing: Practical things, not creepers and tights (let's be honest girls, in winter they are damn cold). Not sure who said this (Layne Staley maybe): "We're only wearing what we're wearing 'cause it's damn cold in Seattle" (or so...), had to laugh when I heard that and thought of all the girls who literally spend an hour a day in front of their wardrobe, wondering what they should wear. I mean, I'm impressed by those all tarted up grunge girls, but some of them run the risk of seeming too superficial for honestly listening (and understanding) grunge music. Don't get me wrong, like I already mentioned, I'm not an expert on the lyrics. But... I don't know, I listen to it because lately I got so many rage and sometimes also despair inside me that I just can't listen to brainless songs about how beautiful life is. I'd punch people in their faces if I couldn't listen to my music. 

About the attitude of life-thing: I think the first honest Nirvana fans were all people who totally saw the truth in their songs. People, who had a certain attitude of life (voluntarily or not). And somehow there was a lot of despair and anger there, that was what it was all about in the beginning. 

I saw all those "grunge"-pages and often thought: This is rather a page full of suicidal people who wait for the day they will meet Kurt than a page about music. "Pastel grunge" is what they call it, when there are kittens and unicorns garnishing creepy quotations. 

To end up with actual grunge: 
Man, they really didn't give a shit (which I love).

Oh, and if anyone can explain why some people are convinced Nirvana weren't grunge, please enlighten me, I'm confused. 

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