Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Hello everyone!

In case anybody really has been waiting for a new post - I'm sorry, I found out I'm not a good blogger. I actually like posting on my facebook page better, because I feel like I don't have to think that much about what I post there because, you know, it's facebook, anybody posts anything... And I really enjoy it to just inspire you people with, like, a cool photograph or a good quote, and for such little things facebook is better in my opinion. Also, I was planning to make a few posts dealing with outfits/outfit ideas, my favourite clothing pieces, my favourite jewellery and other stuff like that and wanted to show you lots of photos of my jackets, shoes, etc., but I lost my camera's connecting cable, so... yeah. I will be doing those posts eventually (and others, too).
After realising that I don't have enough concerns I desperately want to let you know about, I decided not to post regularly on this blog, but only do a post when I've got a topic I feel I need to write more about than just a few lines. The few-lines-things I will let you know on facebook, on the actual Grunge & Torment Blog will only be new posts if they are big.

I hope you enjoyed christmas time and had a great New Years Eve! Facebook followers - keep following, I appreciate it so much! Have a nice evening :) (Or whatever time it is where you are)

Stay grungy :)


  1. I love you and I love your page! You are totally right about that inspiration- the things you post are usually so "grungy" and full of feelings that I can swear I can feel the atmosphere there, that I can just enter the image and touch things and stuff. And you´re not a horrible blogger. Actually, you are my favourite one.
    Keep posting, I will follow you everywhere if you´d wish! greetings from czech republic :)

  2. Sorry, I usually get mails about comments but somehow I didn't get one for this one, so I just saw this. Well, thanks, your text made me smile :) (And whoa, I'm your fav blogger :o cool :) I appreciate the fact you commented & yes, I'd be very happy if you keep following!