Thursday, 29 January 2015

Two equally sad figures meet up (little art piece)

Just a little thing I did in school. I think in english it's called a fanfold paper, you know, it's like a book, but instead of browsing it you can spread it. Although I'm not good in painting with chalks I like what came out.
Crazy thing is, whoever looks at it is, like, "whoa, sad story". But that's totally not what it is for me. It's supposed to be a happy story, not a sad one. Or at least the end is happy. That's why the last picture is all yellow - pretty obvious in my opinion. Whatever, I just thought since I've been so uncreative in terms of blogging I'll just offer you a short post that... I don't know, inspires you or something..? :)

                                         TWO EQUALLY SAD FIGURES MEET UP

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